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When you face tough family law decisions, you need an attorney who will make life easier, not complicate it further. We help by representing your interests aggressively, but strategically, and providing you with open communication and unsurpassed client service.

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Your future financial health and relationships with your children are likely the most important subjects in your divorce. Not just any lawyer will do. You need the right lawyer. You need one who offers a blend of qualities that will allow you to come up with the solutions that are best for your unique situation.

What qualities do we offer at Joseph Allan Shaw, P.C., and what do they mean to us?

  • Knowledgeable: It is not enough to know the law. Joseph Shaw has helped hundreds of families resolve tough legal matters. His understanding of the law and his experience allow him to provide effective guidance and proactive advice.
  • Caring: We genuinely want our clients to be happy with our representation and the outcome of their case. We understand that our clients must live with the decisions we helped them make. We take that responsibility seriously.
  • Compassionate: We understand that you might be going through the most stressful period of your life. We appreciate your feelings while providing the unbiased legal advice you need to make rational decisions despite your intense emotions.
  • Aggressive: We will work tenaciously to protect your interests through all phases of your case. We fully understand that there are times when we must also litigate aggressively to reach a satisfactory outcome. We have the skills and resources to take your case through negotiations, trial, and appeal, if necessary.
  • Innovative: No one solution works for every case. This is why we have years of experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution to help you find alternative methods of reaching goals that best meet your personal interests. We will take the time to get to know you, to better understand what works best for you.

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