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Are you facing high risks in your high-asset divorce?

Alabama readers know that divorce is difficult, but it can be especially complex where there are valuable assets and significant money at stake. A high-asset divorce is almost always more complicated than other types of divorces, and in many cases, the two parties are unable to see eye-to-eye about property division and distribution of marital property. 

If you are facing the prospect of a high-asset divorce, you know that there is much on the line. You may feel that your financial future is in jeopardy, but there are certain things you can do to protect your interests and pursue a settlement that is beneficial and allows you to have a strong future.

Mediation and a better child custody order for your family

Alabama parents know that divorce can be a difficult time for their children, which is why many of them look for ways to ease the stress and complications related to this major life transition. One of the ways to do this is by working together on a child custody order, and for some, mediation is a way to reach this goal.

If you made the decision to divorce, you may consider the benefits of mediation, particularly as they relate to child custody. This is a way for you to avoid the courtroom and stay around the negotiating table, ultimately reaching a custody and visitation schedule that works for every member of the family.

Take steps to protect your business in the event of divorce

If you are one of the many Alabama residents who owns a business, chances are you want to do everything in your power to protect it from harm. This not only means that you need to take steps to shield it against potential litigation, you also need to shelter it from any fallout that may accompany changes in your personal life -- such as getting a divorce.

As Alabama is an equitable distribution state, each spouse should walk away from the union having achieved a fair division of assets. Your business may be your biggest asset, and it may be subject to division, which could spell trouble for your bottom line.

How can you protect your assets in a divorce?

Financial matters are some of the most complicated aspects of a divorce and the cause of many divorce-related disputes. If you have concerns about protecting property, retaining valuable assets or potential hidden assets, you need the help of an experienced attorney in order to navigate these matters effectively.

Divorce always involves money, and this may be the primary issue between two spouses who individually or jointly possess valuable assets or significant wealth. Dividing marital assets appropriately is one of the most significant steps toward a strong post-divorce future. Even if you and your spouse agree on property division, knowledgeable guidance is crucial.

Don't let a divorce ruin your retirement plans

You've spent most of your life planning and saving for retirement. Something you might not have planned for, though, is a divorce. Besides the emotional aspects of the dissolution of your marriage, divorce can have a large impact on your retirement savings.

Know before you go: Property division during Alabama divorces

When couples marry, they usually dream of a happy life together for 'as long as they both shall live.' Throughout the duration of the marriage, a couple will accumulate possessions with the idea of that happily-ever-after coming true.

Unfortunately, divorces happen. For couples who have accumulated high-value assets along the way, the division of these items can cause an incredible amount of animosity and tension.

Which marital assets must be divided?

How to file for divorce on a budget

You have always been careful with your finances, paying all your bills on time and reducing expenses when money is tight. You have come to the point where you feel you ought to file for divorce, but are concerned that the cost of doing so will be exorbitantly high.

The fact is that you can go through a divorce on a budget, and in the end may find the personal happiness you are missing right now. The way to get there without spending extra money might surprise you.

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