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Ending a marriage is not a decision that spouses make lightly, whether made alone or in agreement with one another. The next big one is to choose the right attorney, because facing divorce is stressful enough without also having to deal with a difficult lawyer. Working with the right lawyer will make the whole ordeal easier to handle.

Located in the heart of Baldwin County, Alabama, everyone working at Joseph Allan Shaw, P.C., is committed to making the divorce process go as smoothly as possible for everyone facing a divorce or family law issue.

The Difference Between Uncontested And Contested Divorce

All divorcing couples will have to divide marital property, including complex property such as real estate or retirement accounts or pensions, and address the issue of alimony. If children are involved, you will have to answer tough questions about custody and visitation.

The big question is, “How will you make these decisions?”

  • Uncontested divorce simply means that you and your spouse can agree on the issues mentioned above without going to court. You can come to agreement through mediation or negotiation with the assistance of their respective attorneys. The process helps save you time, money and hassle. In our experience, couples are often more satisfied with the outcome if they have a say in the solution.
  • Contested divorce is one in which you and your spouse cannot come to agreement on all major issues. Each party presents their case in court, and a judge will decide the outcome. You have less control over the outcome in a contested divorce, but it can be very beneficial in divorces involving an unreasonable spouse or one who has less bargaining power than the other.
  • A combination of both is another option. You may choose to negotiate most of the agreement to save time and money, but leave one or two contested issues for the court to decide.

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