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Child Custody Laws In Alabama Are Complicated

Determining the amount of time you will be allowed to spend with your child is a stressful, emotional and difficult discussion to have with your co-parent, the opposing lawyer or during trial. Custody laws are complicated. This is why you should have an attorney on your side who can represent your interests knowledgeably and aggressively throughout the process.

That is the kind of representation you get at Joseph Allan Shaw, P.C. Our lawyer genuinely cares about helping you protect your relationship with your child. You can reach him by calling 251-964-7774. We represent families on the Eastern Shore and throughout Baldwin County.

Can I Modify An Existing Child Custody Order?

Under Alabama law, parents are required to seek permission from the court to modify a child custody order. Voluntary modifications, verbal or written, are unenforceable unless the court approves the modification. Although changes in your life may require you to change your custody agreement, do not rely on this option when making initial decisions. It is always easier, less stressful and more cost-efficient to get it done right the first time.

Relocation from the original jurisdiction can be a common reason why parents may need to modify a custody arrangement. Parents are required to follow strict rules regarding timing, notice and other requirements. We represent parents who wish to relocate with their child as well as those who want to challenge a request.

Do Grandparents Have Custody Rights?

Grandparents today play a greater role in the lives of their grandchildren; many become their primary guardians. Although grandparents may accept the roles and responsibilities, they have limited custody and visitation rights.

Grandparents who want visitation rights with their grandchildren can petition the court, but these laws are constantly changing. If they can show that the parents are unfit or unwilling to care for the child, however, filing a petition for custody is an option to consider.

We have, on separate occasions, represented both grandparents seeking visitation or custody as well as parents who believe their rights are being infringed upon.

Every Client Has Unique Circumstances

After all the years we have dedicated to our clients, it is easy to see that a compassionate lawyer cannot take the same approach to every case they get. We will make a point of exploring every option available to you, such as mediation or other alternative dispute resolutions. Sometimes, achieving your goal does not involve a courtroom at all.

Don’t Rely On A Website To Make Decisions; Talk To Our Lawyer

The information provided on this page is a general description of child custody laws. Each case is different, with its own facts and circumstances. If you face an important decision regarding your parental rights, never rely on a website to make decisions. Always consult with a lawyer about your options, like mediation or alternative dispute resolution, to solve your issues in a timely and efficient manner.

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