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Mediation and a better child custody order for your family

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Blog |

Alabama parents know that divorce can be a difficult time for their children, which is why many of them look for ways to ease the stress and complications related to this major life transition. One of the ways to do this is by working together on a child custody order, and for some, mediation is a way to reach this goal.

If you made the decision to divorce, you may consider the benefits of mediation, particularly as they relate to child custody. This is a way for you to avoid the courtroom and stay around the negotiating table, ultimately reaching a custody and visitation schedule that works for every member of the family.

Why mediation?

Mediation is a non-adversarial way for two parties to resolve a legal dispute. When it comes to divorce and child custody, a neutral third party will help the two parents work through issues and make decisions on everything from weekend visits to Christmas vacations. Some of the benefits of this process include the following:

  • Mediation is less intimidating than litigation, which means that it is less stressful and emotionally painful than a long and drawn-out court battle.
  • In most cases, mediation takes less time to complete. This means that couples can move forward with their lives faster.
  • Typically, mediation costs less than a traditional litigated divorce.
  • Mediated solutions reached through compromise and negotiations often tend to last longer and lead to fewer post-divorce complications.

Many people assume that because they do not get along with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse that they cannot choose mediation. In reality, this process does not require that the two parties like each other, but simply that they commit to the process, are willing to work together despite difficult emotions and aim to keep the divorce out of court. If you and your spouse can do this, mediation may work for you.

Mediate your way to a stronger future

The decisions that you make during divorce will impact your family for years to come. Mediation may allow you to a way to keep the best interests of your kids, instead of temporary emotions, as the main priority .

When it comes to child custody, you want a fair outcome, but also a final order that reflects the needs of your kids, your goals as a parent and what works best for your family. No one knows your family like you do, and mediation can also allow you to have more control over the details of the final custody plan.