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Divorce does not have to be contentious

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As Alabama readers know, divorce is a complex and emotionally challenging process. It can be difficult to navigate the issues involved with ending a marriage, and sometimes, the stress can lead to disputes and costly litigation. Fortunately, there may be a better way for you and your spouse to approach this process. 

Many couples want to reduce the complications associated with divorce, and one way to do this is by exploring the possibility of mediation. This option will allow you to make your divorce process a bit easier, giving you more say over the terms of your final order. Before you make any important decisions regarding your future, it may be worthwhile to consider this option. 

The benefits of this alternative to litigation

Litigation is difficult. It is expensive, stressful and it can be embarrassing to address important divorce issues without a certain degree of privacy. Even though they do not want to go to court, many people overlook the option for mediation because they assume they do not get along well enough to make it work. In reality, you do not have to like your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, but you both simply have to commit to the process. The benefits of mediation include: 

  • Mediation often takes less time to complete than a traditional divorce.
  • It costs less money to mediate a divorce than it does to litigate it.
  • You will be able to address divorce issues in an environment that is respectful and cooperative.
  • You and your spouse will be able to work on custom solutions that may be unique to your family.
  • You can outline how you want to address post-divorce disputes that may arise in the future. 

During the mediation process, you will work with a third-party mediator who will help you negotiate and work through issues in a reasonable manner. This can lead to solutions that are better, stronger and more sustainable than those reached through litigation.

It’s important to know all of your options

Your divorce will impact your future in many ways. It is in your interests to know about all of your options before moving forward. If you think mediation could be a beneficial choice for you, it might be helpful to discuss this option with an experienced family law attorney. While not for everyone, it is often a practical and smart choice for couples moving forward with the divorce process.